Frequently Asked Questions

1. We make every effort to grade our material carefully and put a polished window in most stones (except the smallest) to give you an accurate idea of the possibilities of each piece, however this is a natural material and may have occasional fractures, soft spots, or excessive matrix. It is impossible for us to know what the interior of each stone is like. You will experience the thrill of exposing the beauty and mystery of stones that are millions of years in the making.

2. Most of our stones are stabilized and we will always inform you which ones have been stabilized and which have not.

3. We never sell dyed Howlite or otherĀ  imitation or reconstructed material.

4. We will attempt to give you an accurate idea of where each stone comes from, however, believe it or not, some miners are reluctant to disclose exactly the location of their mines or sources and we can provide only the name of the general area or location of origin.

5. Return Policy: we will refund or replace full returns. We accept only full returns. Buyer pays shipping on returns. If you have an issue with material you have received, please call or email Richard and we will make an effort to resolve any problem and accommodate your concerns.

6. We offer discounts for large volume purchases. If you are interested in buying several pounds at a time, please call Richard for conditions and quotations at 800 843 2784

Contact us: email Richard at or telephone 800 843 2784